Chopped firewood, fire starter for fireplaces and barbecues, Pini-kay briquettes, charcoal

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Oak kindling for fireplaces and barbecues is a waste product from the production of industrial parquet, which, due to certain defects, is not suitable for the production of parquet, but is perfect for quick ignition of any devices intended for the use of open flames. This wood has several characteristics that make it ideal for use in heating systems:

Humidity: Wood kindling has a low moisture content of 8-10%, which makes it an excellent option for use in heating devices. Wet wood burns inefficiently and can produce a lot of smoke.

High calorific value: Firewood has a high potential for heat generation during combustion. This allows you to maintain a comfortable room temperature during the heating season.

Minimal smoke and ash: The fire starter is suitable for use in enclosed spaces as it usually produces minimal smoke and ash.

Easy decomposition and ignition: This wood is easy to spread and ignite, making it suitable for use in fireplaces and stoves.

Wood kindling can be used alone or in combination with other types of wood for heating. The choice of wood kindling for fireplaces depends on your needs and capabilities, as well as the type of heating equipment you use.

The process of manufacturing firewood:  Since it is a waste product from the production of industrial parquet, the manufacturing process is no different from the production of parquet. During the sorting process, low-quality lamellas are rejected and packaged according to the buyer's order.

Pini-Kay briquettes

Our Pini-Kay fuel briquettes are made from oak processing waste by pressing at high temperatures under pressure. This is an environmentally friendly product that is produced without chemical additives and bonding agents. The binding agent is lignin, a natural substance that is released from the raw material when it is heated. This type of briquettes is a popular wood fuel for heating at home, as well as in industrial processes and boilers.

The main characteristics of Pini-Kay briquettes include:

High calorific value: Pini-Kay briquettes have a high potential for heat generation during combustion and have a very low ash content. This makes them an efficient fuel for heating.

Environmental friendliness: They are made from oak sawdust, without the addition of harmful chemicals. This makes them more environmentally friendly than some other fuels.

Long burning time: Pini-Kay briquettes usually burn for a long time, which allows you to maintain a constant temperature in the room.

Convenience and stability of shape: They have a stable geometric shape and do not break easily, making them easy to transport and store.

Pini-Kay briquettes are used as a reserve fuel for fireplaces, stoves, solid fuel boilers and other heating systems. They are well suited for heating residential buildings, cottages and even summer cottages, and are an alternative to wood briquettes, coal and other fuels.

The process of making briquettes:

Pini-Kay briquettes are made of 85-90% oak sawdust and 10-15% pine. The sawdust is sieved and mixed through a calibrator and then fed into a drying drum, from which the raw material comes out with a moisture content of no more than 6-8%. The dried sawdust is sent to a press extruder, where it is moulded into a tubular tetrahedral briquette at high temperature and pressure. After cooling, the briquettes are packed in 10kg of shrink wrap and stacked in 960kg Euro pallets and shipped to customers. 

Chopped firewood

Chopped oak firewood is a type of high-quality fuel made from oak wood. Oak is known for its durability and high calorific value, so firewood from this type of wood is one of the best for heating. Here are some of the characteristics and benefits of chipped oak firewood:

High calorific value: Oak firewood has a large amount of heat potential. They burn for a long time and give off a significant amount of heat, making them an efficient source of heating.

Strength and durability: Oak is a very strong tree species, and accordingly, firewood from it is also characterised by its strength and long burning time.

Minimal smoke and residue: Chopped oak firewood has a minimum content of resins and other substances that can be released during combustion. This makes them more environmentally friendly and suitable for use in closed spaces.

Spectacular and aromatic: When chopped oak firewood burns, it produces a pleasant aroma that can create a special atmosphere in the room.

Ease of use: Chopped oak firewood is easy to transport and store. They can be used in fireplaces, stoves, solid fuel boilers and other heating systems.

Chopped oak firewood is a popular choice for those who appreciate the reliability and high quality of fuel. They provide comfortable and efficient heating and can be used in various climatic conditions. 

As a rule, firewood is made from low-quality and diseased wood, dead wood, so it is not harmful to the environment and nature. When burning, firewood emits as much carbon dioxide as it has accumulated during growth. Therefore, they do not pollute the air.

After splitting, firewood is stored in special pallets-cassettes and dried at a high temperature, which ensures humidity of 18-25% and safety from pests.


Our charcoal is made from oak wood waste that remains after the full cycle of roundwood processing.  Charcoal is an environmentally friendly fuel, the production of which is based on the technology of pyrolysis - the thermal decomposition of wood. Here are some characteristics of the charcoal description:

High calorific value: Charcoal has a large amount of heat potential. When burned, it releases a significant amount of heat, making it ideal for cooking and other additional applications.

Strength and durability:  Charcoal is highly durable and can burn for a long time and evenly. This makes it an efficient source of energy for long-lasting cooking of delicious food.

Minimal smoke and residues: Charcoal has a low content of harmful substances and sediments, which allows it to be used in closed spaces without excessive smoke emissions.

Convenience and stability of combustion: Charcoal is easy to decompose and ignite and provides stable combustion with minimal temperature differences.

Environmental friendliness: It is produced from natural sources and is more environmentally friendly than some other fuels. Charcoal is used for heating, cooking over a fire, and in industrial processes. It is a reliable and efficient source of energy and remains a popular choice in various industries and households.

The charcoal production process takes place in special pyrolysis heat generators, where oak processing waste (pruning) decomposes in an oxygen-free environment under high temperature (about 450°C) and undergoes a process of purification from gases and resins. After firing, the wood is cooled and packaged according to customer requirements.

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