Industrial parquet

Сорт Вид породи
22,85х8х160 Rustik 22.85 8.00 160.00 Rustik дуб 518400
597 ₴
22,85х8х160 мікс 22.85 8.00 160.00 mix дуб 230400
774 ₴

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Industrial parquet 

Industrial parquet is a type of flooring designed for use in industrial, commercial and other facilities with increased loads. It differs from conventional flooring because it is designed for high traffic volumes, heavy technical and mechanical operation.

The main characteristics of industrial parquet include:

Strength and durability: Industrial parquet must be very durable and resistant to wear, mechanical damage, chemicals and high traffic.

Size: Industrial parquet is composed of lamellas with dimensions of 8 x 16/ 22.85 x 160mm. which are stacked into a plate of 40 lamellas with dimensions of 160 x 320mm.  The plate thickness is 16 or 22.85 mm. 

Design: Industrial parquet can have different design options, but mainly its choice is determined by functionality and resistance to loads.

Industrial parquet is used in facilities where the floor is subjected to heavy loads, such as factories, warehouses, workshops, shops, laboratories and other industrial facilities, as well as gyms.  It helps to provide a reliable and stable floor for the working environment.

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The process of manufacturing industrial parquet: This parquet is made from oak billets of the lowest quality of the smallest size, in fact, waste. This provides it with the lowest cost and very high popularity in European countries.

The production of industrial parquet is very labor-intensive and requires special equipment. We use equipment from the German company Michael Weinig Gmbh.

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