About the company

Only those who make the world a better place are worthy.

Ukrainian Woodworking Company LLC

is a leader in the timber processing market and part of the furniture industry in Ukraine, Europe and Asia.

Many years of experience in the wood and lumber processing industry (since 1996) have allowed us to see and appreciate the importance of high quality products and compliance with international standards. Total exports to the European Union account for 90% of all products sold by the brand on the global market. The product line of our production is highly appreciated by masters of modern and classic furniture all over the world. After all, only the best resources can ensure comfort and effective business growth. Cooperation with us means helping to create unique designer furniture for your home, office, or other places for work and leisure. Our products mean maximum precision and always an exquisite look for your furniture.

Production processes

The company's production processes consist of several stages:

  1. procurement of raw materials  2. preparation of raw materials;  3. processing  4. packaging;  5. logistics.

Each of these processes requires efficient equipment and professional staff. This is what we care about the most. The production facilities of Ukrainian Woodworking Company LLC are located as close as possible to raw materials - in Rivne, Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions, near the Ostka railway station. This allows us to ensure uninterrupted production quickly and at minimal cost.

  • The production and sales process involves
  • SRM sawing line with a capacity of 1200m2/month;
  • OPTICUT 200 optimisation line;
  • cutting line;
  • sawmill WOOD MIZER LT 40;
  • sawmill PLP ASTRA ES;
  • sawmill R-63;
  • lamellar machine WEINIG U 23SP
  • WEINIG U 23 and WEINIG U 300 machines;
  • a separate line for the production of industrial and mosaic parquet WEINIG;
  • Forklifts: Toyota 2 pcs;
  • MTZ-82 tractor and 4 2PTS4 trailers;
  • KAMAZ 4310 timber trucks;
  • own cutting tool maintenance workshop.

All production facilities are equipped with an aspiration system.

Main production specialisations:

  • oak and pine wood processing:
  • parquet blanks;
  • furniture blanks;
  • mouldings, etc.

Thanks to our Czech partners, KATRES, the production chambers are equipped with high-quality drying equipment (450 m³ (3x100+1x50)).

The company is owned by Ukrainian Woodworking Company LLC:

  • 1.5 hectares of land outside the settlement;
  • production facilities equipped with modern machinery - 3500 m²;
  • a bright administrative building of 400 m²;
  • warehouses for storage of finished products, tools and materials - 980 m²;
  • sheds for storing raw materials - 1000 m²;
  • two transformer substations with a capacity of 250 kW each;
  • a dormitory with 30 beds for staff;
  • petrol station (2 petrol stations of 8 m³ each);
  • a café and dining room for the company's staff and guests.

Warmth and comfort in the premises is provided by the company's own boiler house, designed for 240 m² (1500 kW), which runs on industrial waste. Water supply is provided by the company's own well. Environmental friendliness, professionalism and comfort are the priority areas of development for Ukrainian Woodworking Company LLC.

Product range of UWWC LLC

The brand's product range includes:

  • oak furniture timber;
  • industrial parquetry
  • furniture boards;
  • piña colada briquettes;
  • sawn timber
  • charcoal, etc.

Advantages of Ukrainian Woodworking Company LLC

Ukrainian Woodworking Company LLC is a company that professes a high culture of production and ecological consumption of resources. Therefore, at every stage of its operations, the brand uses only proven and effective solutions.

The brand has developed its own programme for staff development and the formation of a sustainable talent pool. This allows us to provide all departments of the company with qualified specialists at every stage - from technical staff to management.

Our advantages:

  • extensive experience in the woodworking industry;
  • professional team of specialists;
  • well-coordinated team;
  • established sales markets in Europe and Asia.

The company's comprehensive services, complemented by free consultations on the selection of optimal design and material solutions, specialised transport and assembly by our own forces, as well as perfect logistics, are available to our customers. 

We provide:

  • Advanced production technologies;
  • maximum compliance with high quality requirements for our products;
  • efficient development and improvement;
  • Waste-free and environmentally friendly production;
  •  high quality products;
  • reasonable and affordable price.

Together with Ukrainian Woodworking Company LLC, you will get the best result if you need a reliable and experienced partner for many years.